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A House Made of Straw

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After Carrie Zaenglein lost her home to a fire, she decided to build her dream home - made from straw. (Photo by Joyce Kryszak)

The big bad wolf gave straw houses a pretty bad reputation. But it turns out straw bale houses are incredibly strong and energy efficient. The century-old building material is making a comeback as an eco-friendly choice for modern home construction. And these homeowners aren't afraid of a little wind. One woman is even building a straw bale house in the sometimes cold, blustery climate of the east. Joyce Kryszak tells us her story:

A video on straw bale houses with Lester Graham

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Straw bale story in the Trib

Producer: Joyce Kryszak
Release Date: September 9, 2009
Running Time: 3:03

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