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The Future Of McMansions (Part One)

Brian Hickey runs, a real-estate marketplace for teardown properties. Some communities complain that the teardown market encourages the growth of so-called 'McMansion' replacement homes that are seen as too large and out-of-place for their neighborhoods. (Photo by Shawn Allee)

Your home may be your castle, but, for some people, too many homes are as big and grand as castles. Critics call these homes 'McMansions,' and they complain they've ruined neighborhoods filled with older, smaller houses. The McMansion fad fizzled during the real-estate bust. Shawn Allee looks at whether it could return:

Colorado on teardown regulations

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Brian Hickey's company

Producer: Shawn Allee
Release Date: August 20, 2009
Running Time: 3:41

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