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Fighting Over Oil And Water

The richest oil shale deposits lie in the Piceance Basin, which runs northwest of the town of Rifle, Colorado. The bands of dark grey along the edge of this snow- capped ridge are oil shale. (Photo by Shawn Allee)

In the future, keeping your gas tank full could make disputes over water in the American West a lot worse. It's because energy companies hope to develop the oil shale industry. Getting oil from shale requires lots of water, and the richest oil shale deposits happen to be in the dry state of Colorado. Shawn Allee headed there to see why a fight over water and oil could be in the works:

About Oil Shale

Western Resource Advocates

Shell's Oil Shale Research Project

Producer: Shawn Allee
Release Date: June 8, 2009
Running Time: 3:22

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