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Ray and Irene Zukley of Zion, Illinois were forced to sell this Lake Michigan beach cottage to make way for Zion Nuclear Station back in the late 60s. The Zukley's and other Zion residents hoped the plant would last for at least forty years, but after fits and starts, it closed fifteen years early. (Photo by Shawn Allee)

America has a new flirtation with nuclear power. Utility companies are fanning out across the nation to set up shop. And they've given the government more applications for new nuclear plants than they have for decades. Many towns fell under the spell of nuclear power in the past, but some power plants stopped running decades earlier than planned, and towns are stuck with what's left behind. Shawn Allee profiles one town's tarnished relationship with nuclear power:

Part II of the Zion series from The Environment Report

An article on the Zion plant from the Chicago Tribune

The city of Zion

Producer: Shawn Allee
Release Date: December 1, 2008
Running Time: 3:17

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