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On the left is a photograph of Muir Glacier taken on August 13, 1941, by glaciologist William O. Field; on the right, a photograph taken from the same vantage on August 31, 2004, by geologist Bruce F. Molnia of the United States Geological Survey. According to Molnia, between 1941 and 2004 the glacier retreated more than seven miles and thinned by more than 800 meters. (Photo courtesy of the National Snow and Ice Data Center)

Back in 1989, a guy named Bill McKibben wrote the first book on global warming intended for a general audience. He was attacked - by conservative talk show hosts and others. Global warming, climate change - was crazy talk just 20 years ago. Lester Graham talked with Bill McKibben about how long it took for climate change to grab the public's attention:

Bill McKibben's website

An interview with McKibben from

Producer: Lester Graham
Release Date: April 21, 2008
Running Time: 3:24

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