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Asian Carp Get Caught in the Courts

Asian Carp Get Caught in the Courts

The Bighead Asian Carp found in Lake Calumet. It was the first physical specimen found beyond the U.S. Army Corp of Engineer's electric barrier. (Photo courtesy of the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 01/25/2011

Everybody loves to hate the Asian carp... but not everyone agrees what to do about it. Some of the monster fish can grow up to 100 pounds... and many scientists say if the fish get established in the Great Lakes, it would be a disaster for the $7 billion fishing industry.

Last year, scientists found one of these giant carp beyond an electric barrier that was supposed to keep them out of Lake Michigan. That made a lot of people nervous.

Attorneys general from Michigan and four other states filed a lawsuit. They wanted to close some of the locks in a shipping canal between Chicago and Lake Michigan to try to keep carp out of the Lake. That request was denied and it has been tied up in the courts ever since.


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