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  1. Betty  •  11:48 @2008-11-07
    I tried csm it doesn't have anything like associating arbitrary juno email on the web hotkeys to arbitrary apps.
  2. Jasmin  •  12:03 @2008-11-11
    Check dmesg output befor and after plugging in the card. sed to be there was a pcmcia service that juno email on the web handles that stuff.
  3. Hessie  •  01:33 @2008-11-12
    Am using hardy. would like to use an updated version of a package and ntrepid provides a sufficiently new version. s there any sensible way to use intrepid's versions of those packages without upgrading my entire system to intrepid?
  4. Jillian  •  15:30 @2008-11-15
    Hello wheres the right room to ask about high-availability load-balancing.
  5. Adriana  •  03:58 @2008-11-17
    Try sudo apt-get install.
  6. Babers  •  02:44 @2008-11-20
    Ackage firebird does not exist in intrepid.

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