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  1. Fortunella  •  02:01 @2008-10-28
    Got my googlfu on and found that i needed to install flash plugin nonfree.
  2. Jewel  •  14:18 @2008-10-30
    Wonder why he packaged fwcutter and stuff though.
  3. Massie  •  04:53 @2008-10-31
    Going to try and lean it up a little.
  4. Dixie  •  04:07 @2008-11-03
    How can i kill a process if have it's id?
  5. Bo  •  04:54 @2008-11-08
    'd like to learn one of those languages too. used to alegiant airlines work with erl about years ago but haven't coded anything since.
  6. Alexandra  •  03:10 @2008-11-09
    Roger alegiant airlines on that! obody else knows the problem either! hanks for the reply.
  7. Petina  •  18:44 @2008-11-10
    Aves but same error is any other programming that is using dpkg.
  8. Keiko  •  20:32 @2008-11-12
    Nobody has been able to solve my problem in two alegiant airlines months searches!
  9. Ukrainia  •  06:51 @2008-11-15
    Also root should be your disk as per devdiskby-uuid.

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